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Web based Demonstration of Infusionsoft Capabilities

We developed a fictious company website...DemoCo to illustrate some of the capabilities of Infusionsoft.

We show the capabilites of Infusionsoft while you interact with the DemoCo website.   If you've never been on a web-based demo, no problem: all you need to know is here.  For you experts, just jump forward to the Guidelines.

Infusionsoft is software as a service
You interact with Infusionsoft software using a web browser. The Infusionsoft application is located on secure server on the internet (in the cloud). It's different from software you install on your computer (like anything Microsoft).

Infusionsoft, being browser based, requires of you only a PC, an internet connection and an approved web browser.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above or Mozilla's Firefox are officially approved.  Infusionsoft will run on an Apple (on safari browser) but we recommend Mozilla's Firefox. It will run on a PC with either Microsoft's Internet Explorer (MS IE) 6.0 or above but again we recommend Mozilla Firefox.

A day before our web demo, please download Mozilla's Firefox and install it on your computer. (more Firefox info  below)

Demo Day
We will send an meeting invitation via email (so open your email client: outlook, Thunderbird, gmail, yahoo, etc).  You will open Firefox and go to our fictional company website ( DemoCo ).  We will ask you complete DemoCo forms. You will view our Infusionsoft software via your web browser in a web meeting from Yugma. We will email a meeting invitation 30 minutes prior to our demo. Select "Join a meeting in progress" and type in the session ID.

Guidelines for a Remote  Demo
Step 1.  Please send your email address  to: [email protected]
We will send an invitation to your email address to join a webmeeting to view the Infusionsoft demo on your web browser.
Just accept our invitation and you will be able to view our desktop in your browser.

Step 2. Click here to view the DemoCo site in a new tab. You will be interacting with the demo website and observing the  actions  initiated within the infusionsoft system.  If you open two tabs,  you can toggle between the browser tabs to view  the DemcoCo  site and our infusionsoft  site.

Step 3. Webstore Funny Money.  If you'd like to make a fictional purchase- use this fictional credit card: American Express 371449635398431 Security code 8431 , set the card expiration date in the future.  You will get a receipt with an "Declined" message from us, that is normal. We do not want a "ERROR" or "Approved" result from running the credit card in our webstore.

Computers and Browsers
You can view using any computer (Apple or PC) but our recommended browser is Mozilla's Firefox .  It can be downloaded for free here .  You will need to download the java extensions for Firefox before the demo session.

My cell phone is 760 685 3178. Call us if any problems arise.